What are Sliding Wardrobes?

What are Sliding Wardrobes


Sliding wardrobes are big closets with doors that slide. They’re found in bedrooms and are designed to save space. Inside, there are shelves, drawers, and hanging rails to keep clothes and other stuff organized. Therefore, it is a great option for today’s homes with smaller, more constrained spaces. When selecting sliding wardrobes in Birmingham, keep in mind that sliding doors look best with three.

Sliding wardrobes glass door design

Sliding wardrobes with glass doors are big closets with doors made of glass that slide to open and close. These doors move on tracks, so they don’t swing open. The glass used in these doors is clear for privacy. Some designs even have decorations on the glass. These wardrobes are popular because they look modern and make a room feel bigger since they don’t take up extra space when they open.

Sliding wardrobes with glass door


Sliding wardrobes are becoming more common in carpentry due to their many benefits, which include:

Space saving

Sliding wardrobes are perfect for small bedrooms or tight spaces where traditional wardrobes would not fit because they do not require any floor space to swing open and close. Furthermore, the ability to store things makes it much easier to organize everything in the closet.

Convenient use

Using a sliding wardrobe is simple. When employed as door choices, sliding doors provide more mobility. To open the doors, we only need to push them back and forth gently; we do not need to use all of our energy.


Sliding wardrobes make the bedroom look attractive. They come in a variety of finishes and materials and may be tailored to fit our decor and style. This large floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe gives the space a sleek, contemporary appearance. Because of this, these doors are best suited for lengthy wardrobes.


With a variety of sections and shelving possibilities, sliding wardrobes offer practical storage solutions. We incorporate shelves for folded goods, drawers for accessories and shoe racks, and hanging space for clothing.

Wardrobe functionality

How to keep our sliding wardrobe well-maintained?

Installing a high-quality wardrobe requires long-term investment, yet purchasing a high-quality product alone is insufficient. To guarantee that our sliding wardrobe lasts us for many years in its finest shape and always looks brand new, there are specific maintenance steps we must do. Here are some ideas that could be useful to us:

1.      Take care not to overcrowd the wardrobe, as this may lead to cloth getting caught between the sliding panels and preventing the panels from moving.

2.      Verify that there is no dust on the lower track. We fix this by carefully moving the vacuum’s nozzle attachment up and down our rails every few months to clear any dust.

3.      To maintain the cleanliness of our sliding wardrobe with a mirror, lightly clean the glass using a microfiber cloth and a vinegar and water solution sprayed on it.

4.      Cleaning wood-finished doors is considerably simpler than cleaning a mirror. Wipe away dust or finger marks using a moist cloth regularly.

These require very little maintenance on our part and will undoubtedly increase the value of your money over time.

Sliding wardrobe and dressing table

A sliding wardrobe is a big cupboard where we put clothes. Instead of opening like a regular door, it slides to the side. This saves space because we don’t need extra room for the door to swing open.

A dressing table is a table with a mirror where we sit and get ready. It usually has shelves to keep our makeup, hairbrushes, and other grooming items organized. Some dressing tables also have a small chair to sit on while getting ready.

Sliding wardrobes for bedrooms

Sliding wardrobes are big cupboards in bedrooms. They have doors that slide from side to side. Sliding wardrobes are good for saving space because we don’t need extra space for the doors to open. It also looks neat and modern. We find sliding wardrobes in different styles and sizes to fit the bedroom.

Sliding wardrobes Galway

Sliding wardrobes in Galway are big closets that have doors that slide sideways to open and close regular doors. These wardrobes are designed to save space because they don’t need extra room to open. They’re made with different wood and glass and they can be customized to fit our needs and style preferences. Sliding wardrobes are popular in Galway because they’re practical, and stylish, and make good use of limited space in homes, especially in powder rooms, where space is often at a premium.

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Standard size in feet

The standard size of sliding wardrobes in feet is about 6 to 8 feet in width. This is standard because it fits well in most bedrooms and offers enough space for hanging clothes and storing other items. We also find larger sizes depending on our needs and the space available in our room.

Sliding wardrobe vs normal wardrobe

AspectsSliding wardrobe Normal wardrobe
DoorsThe door opens from the sideway.The door opens like a regular door.
Space savingIt saves space as doors don’t need extra room to open.Needs extra space for doors to swing open.
AccessibilityIt is easy to see everything when the doors are open.It needs to open both doors to see everything inside.
InstallationIt requires more effort due to the sliding mechanism.Simple to install with hinges for doors.
CostSliding wardrobe cost is $229The sliding wardrobe cost is $246


Everyone aspires to have a roomy and fashionable wardrobe that is stylish and contemporary for our house. If we are installing a new wardrobe, we need to focus on the smaller things that distinguish functionality from aesthetics. Making the right wardrobe choice might be difficult, but we can make it easier if we receive professional advice from Fitted Bedroom & Wardrobes. Before we go wardrobe shopping, think about our closet priorities. When selecting a sliding wardrobe, we consider our storage requirements, available space, and financial constraints.

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