6 Best types of bathroom tub drains

types of bathroom tub drains--

The bathroom tub drain replacement process is necessary if it is cracked or getting old. When we discuss the renovation of the bathroom then we must consider the right tub drain which is an essential part. The right drain makes the water flow efficient and prevents clogs. 

In this blog, we have explored the six best types of bathroom tub drains, which help you to make an informed decision for the bathroom project. We have discussed these six bathroom tub drains:  the lift-and-turn drain, push-and-pull drain, toe-touch drain, flip-it drain, trip lever drain, and pop-up drain.


A lift-and-turn drain is a bathtub drain that has a small knob on top of the stopper. To use it, you lift the knob and turn it to open the drain. When you lift and twist the knob one way, it locks in place to keep the water in the tub. 

Lift-and-turn of bathroom tub drains
Source: Whitehaus collection

After taking out the water, you lift and twist the knob that is the other way to release the stopper and allow the water to drain.


  • Simple and straightforward to operate.
  • Generally more affordable compared to more complex drain systems.
  • Reliable and long-lasting with minimal maintenance.


  • Requires bending down to open or close the drain, which is inconvenient for some.
  • The mechanism wears out over time with frequent use.
  • It may be tricky to remove.


A push-and-pull is a simple type of bathtub drain that you easily operate by pushing and pulling the stopper. To close the drain and keep water in the tub, you push the stopper down. When you want to drain the water, you pull the stopper up to open the drain. 

push-and-pull of bathroom tub drains
Source: The Spruce

This straightforward mechanism makes it easy to use and maintain.


  • Very easy to use with a straightforward push-and-pull mechanism.
  • Typically inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Less prone to mechanical failure due to its simple design.


  • Requires manual effort to open and close the drain.
  • You need to bend down to operate the drain, which is inconvenient.


A toe-touch drain is a type of bathroom tub drain that you open and close by using your toe. It has a stopper that you press down with your toe drain to close the drain and keep the water in the tub. 

Toe-touch of bathroom tub drains
Source: Danco

When you want to drain the water, you press the stopper again with your toe, and it will pop up, allowing the water to flow out. This makes it easy to use without having to bend down.


  • Activated effortlessly with a toe press.
  • Modern and sleek design.
  • Minimizes hand contact, reducing germ spread.


  • The spring mechanism may degrade over time.
  • May require periodic replacement of parts.


A Flip-it drain is very easy to use. It has a small lever that you flip to open and close the drain. To use it, you just flip the lever to one side to let water flow out of the tub and flip it to the other side to stop the water and fill the tub. It is a simple and convenient option.

Flip-it of bathroom tub drains
Source: Amazon


  • The lever mechanism makes it simple to switch between open and closed positions.
  • Can be set up without the need for special tools.
  • Fits a wide range of standard bathtub drain sizes.


  • The flipping mechanism may experience wear and tear over time, potentially requiring maintenance.
  • May not offer as many design choices as other types of drains.
  • If not properly installed, there is a risk of minor leaks around the drain area.

Trip lever

The trip lever drain is a bit more complex and involves a lever mechanism which is located on the overflow plate of the tub. To operate, you flip the lever up or down to open and close the drain. The lever is connected to a plunger inside the overflow tube, which blocks and releases the water flow.

Trip lever of bathroom tub drains
Source: Way fair


  • A convenient lever allows for easy control without touching the drain directly.
  • Adds a stylish look to the bathtub.
  • It provides a reliable and tight seal, preventing water from leaking.


  • It has a complicated installation.
  • Besides, it is more expensive compared to simpler drain types.
  • More parts are involved which increases the potential for mechanical issues over time.


A pop-up drain that uses a stopper which can be opened and closed by pushing or pulling a knob. This is usually located near the faucet. 

Pop-up of bathroom tub drains
Source: Signature hardware

When you pull the knob, the stopper pops up to allow water to drain out. And when you push it down, the stopper closes to hold water in the tub. It’s a convenient and stylish option that makes it easy to control water flow without touching the drain directly.


  • It is easy to use with a simple lever.
  • Its sleek and modern design attracts the homeowner’s bathrooms.
  • Besides, it is used without the direct contact with the drain.


  • More parts have a higher potential for mechanical failure over time.
  • It costs $170 which is generally more expensive than other drain types.


The right bathroom tub drain allows for water to drain from your shower back into the water system. There’s an option to suit every bathroom, whether you like the ease of a lift and turn or push and pull drain. But the convenience and style of a toe touch even the trip lever drain. When you install bathroom tub drains then you must consider these pros and cons. Understanding the pros and cons of each drain type will help you choose the one that provides the smoothest and most enjoyable bathing experience.

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