Soaking tub inside shower

Soaking Tub Inside Shower


soaking bathtub inside a shower is a modern and innovative bathroom design that seamlessly integrates a tub’s luxury relaxation with the shower’s functionality. This integration is not only attractive for small bathrooms, but it also has a striking aesthetic. This idea involves integrating a built-in or freestanding soaking tub into a walk-in shower, creating a bathing experience that is both convenient and luxurious. This design solves spatial problems and adds a touch of modernity and cultured flair to any bathroom. It transforms the space into a tranquil haven that combines practicality with luxury.

Basic info

The idea of a soaking tub in a shower is more than just a combination of two bathroom necessities. It is a design philosophy that maximizes space and enhances bathing. It is important to know the reasons why this concept has gained popularity.

A luxurious bathroom with marble flooring, white fixtures, and a unique feature of a soaking tub inside the shower.

Small bathroom ideas

A soaking tub incorporated into a shower can change the game for those with limited space. This clever solution combines the functions of both a bath and a shower. It is ideal for small bathrooms that need to maximize space.

Freestanding tub inside walk-in shower

A freestanding tub inside a walk-in shower is a setup where there’s a bathtub that stands on its own, not attached to any walls, placed inside a shower area that can walk into without a door. So basically, it’s like having a bathtub right there inside the space where you shower, without any walls around the tub. It can make your bathroom look cool and modern, and it’s also practical because it saves space and can create a spa-like feeling.

Benefits of a soaking tub with a shower

  • A soaking tub is great for stress relief and muscle relaxation.
  • Combines two functions in one, ideal for small bathrooms.
  • Saves money compared to installing a separate tub and shower.
  • Easier to clean one unit rather than two separate fixtures.
  • Offers both a relaxing bath and a quick shower.

Small soaking tub inside the shower

The small soaking tub inside the shower combines two bathroom essentials into one space. Instead of having separate areas for bathing and showering, this setup puts them together. This idea saves room, especially in small bathrooms, while still providing the option to enjoy a relaxing soak in a tub. It’s a clever solution for maximizing space and convenience, making the most of what you have available in your bathroom.

Japanese soaking tub inside shower

A Japanese soaking tub inside shower has two bathing experiences in one space. It’s a tub that’s deeper than a regular bathtub, allowing you to immerse more fully in the water. This type of tub is usually made of wood and is designed for soaking rather than for bathing. Having it inside the shower area means we can easily switch between taking a shower and enjoying a relaxing soak without needing separate spaces. It’s a convenient and space-saving solution for those who enjoy both showering and soaking in a tub.

Pros and cons

It saves space in small bathrooms.It is very difficult to clean due to small spaces.
It is a combination of bath and shower functions.Its installation is complex and also requires a professional team.
In this water stays warmer longer in enclosed spaceAccessing the tub for maintenance is challenging

Design ideas for a walk-in shower with a bathtub inside

A combination of a shower and a soaking tub, providing a relaxing bathing experience.

Bathtub inside shower ideas

  • Install a showerhead above the bathtub for a combined shower and bath experience.
  • Place a freestanding tub inside a large walk-in shower area.
  • Create a wet room where both the shower and tub share the same open space.
  • Fit a corner bathtub inside the shower area to save space.


  • Begin by assessing the available space and identifying the most suitable corner or area for the tub inside the shower.
  •  Seek advice from a bathroom designer or contractor to ensure proper planning and execution.
  • Choose a soaking tub and shower fixtures that complement each other in style and functionality.
  •  Given the combination of a tub and shower, waterproofing is crucial. Invest in high-quality waterproofing materials for long-term durability.
  •  Incorporate strategic lighting to enhance the ambiance of the shower and tub areas.

Achieving a harmonious blend of a bathtub inside a shower requires attention to detail and a thoughtful approach. It’s about creating a space where relaxation meets functionality seamlessly.


To keep your soaking tub and shower in good condition, wipe the tub and shower walls after each use. This helps prevent soap scum and water spots from building up. Once a week, use a mild cleaner to scrub the surfaces thoroughly.

Regularly inspect the faucets and showerhead for any signs of drips. Even small leaks cause water damage over time and increase your water bill. Fix any leaks promptly to maintain the integrity of fixtures and prevent further issues.

Mold and mildew thrive in damp environments. To prevent their growth, keep the bathroom well-ventilated by using an exhaust fan. After each use, dry the tub and shower area with a towel or squeegee. You also use a mold-resistant spray to help keep mold at bay.

Hair and debris easily clog the drain, leading to slow drainage and unpleasant odors. Remove any visible hair and debris regularly. Once a month, use a drain cleaner to clear any buildup and make the drain remain clear and functional.

Soap scum and mineral deposits accumulate on faucets and showerheads, making them look dull and reducing their functionality. Wipe down these fixtures regularly to keep them clean. If you have a shower curtain, wash it regularly, or if you have a shower door, clean it to prevent soap scum buildup.

Place a bath mat outside the tub to catch water and keep the bathroom floor dry, reducing the risk of slips and falls. And then, wash the bath mat regularly to keep it clean and free of mildew.

Regularly check the grout and caulking for cracks and repair any damage promptly to prevent water from getting behind the tiles.

Harsh chemicals damage the surface of the tub and shower. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to maintain the finish and prolong the life of the tub and shower. Non-abrasive sponges are also recommended to avoid scratching the surfaces.

After using the tub, rinse the area with clean water to remove any soap residue and prevent buildup. This simple step helps maintain the cleanliness of your tub and shower and makes your weekly cleaning easier.

Tub inside shower dimensions

When considering the dimensions of a soaking tub inside a shower, it’s not just about fitting them into the space but ensuring that there’s enough room for comfortable use.

  • Length and width: Its length is 60 inches, Width 30 inches
  • Height: Its height is considered to be 70 inches.


A soaking tub in a shower is a modern bathroom’s luxury and functionality. This guide helps you to transform your bathroom with soaking tubs that are versatile for small spaces and make a bold statement. And then, create a space that seamlessly combines relaxation with practicality. As you explore the idea of an Organic Modern Bathroom and integrate a tub inside shower small bathroom, work with professionals to find designs and let creativity guide you.


Can you put a shower in a soaking tub?

Yes, we can put a shower in a soaking tub. We install a showerhead above the tub to put a shower in a soaking tub. This allows for easy rinsing and creates a versatile bathing experience.

How to remove a shower tub insert?

1- Disconnect the water supply and drain.
2- Carefully detach any caulking or adhesive holding the insert in place.
3- Unscrew any fasteners securing the insert to the wall studs.
4- Lift and maneuver the insert out of the space, ensuring no damage to surrounding walls or plumbing.

How to clean the shower tub insert?

1- Prepare a mild cleaner or mix vinegar and water.
2- Apply the cleaner to the surface of the tub insert.
3- Scrub the tub insert with a sponge or brush, concentrating on stains and soap scum.
4- Rinse the tub thoroughly with water to remove any remaining cleaner.
5- Dry the tub with a clean towel or cloth.

What is a tub shower?

A tub shower is a combined unit that includes both a bathtub and a shower, offering convenience and flexibility for bathing and showering within the same space. It’s a common fixture in bathrooms, especially with limited space, providing both functions without needing separate installations.

What is a tub inside a shower called?

A white tub inside a shower

A tub inside a shower is called a “bathtub-shower combo.” This means you have a bathtub and a shower in the same space. You can take a bath in the tub or stand and use the shower.

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