Before & after small split level kitchen remodel

Small Split Level Kitchen Remodel


A split level kitchen remodel is to divide a kitchen into different levels. This means that the kitchen is separated into different areas. For example, one part of the kitchen is slightly raised compared to another part. This layout is often used in homes where space is limited, as it helps to make the most of the available room.

Split level home kitchen remodel

A split-level home kitchen remodel is updating and redesigning the kitchen in a house with floors at different levels. This often includes changing cabinets, countertops, appliances, and floors. It also means making sure the kitchen connects well with the other levels of the house. The goal is to make the kitchen look better and work better in a split-level home.

split level home kitchen remodel

Tackling on a small split-level kitchen remodel involves transforming compact kitchens into functional and stylish spaces within homes with a split-level layout. The process requires a delicate balance, considering key elements like maximizing vertical space, incorporating multi-functional furniture, and strategic lighting design. It’s a creative venture aimed at redefining the heart of the home, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and efficiency.

Key components:

  • Vertical storage solutions and hanging racks can maximize storage without crowding the floor.
  • Consider furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as an island with storage or a foldable dining table.
  • Adequate lighting can make a small kitchen feel more spacious. Incorporate natural light and strategic artificial lighting.

Bi-level kitchen remodel before and after

A bi-level kitchen remodel before and after invites us to witness the visual evolution of these spaces, exploring the tangible progress through captivating images. These snapshots not only showcase the creative potential of such remodels but also serve as inspiration for those looking to rejuvenate their kitchens. The before-and-after narratives offer valuable insights into design choices and spatial optimizations, emphasizing that the transformation isn’t just physical but a story of innovation and the realization of a homeowner’s vision.

Bi-level kitchen remodel before and after

 Bi-level kitchen remodel ideas

Creativity is the driving force behind any successful remodel. Unearth innovative ideas that align with the unique layout of a bi-level kitchen.

Innovative Bi-Level Kitchen Remodel Ideas:

  • Open Concept Layout: Knockdown non-structural walls to create an open flow between the kitchen and adjacent spaces.
  • Color Palette: Light colors can visually expand a space, while bold accents add character.
  • Smart Storage: Incorporate pull-out shelves, hidden cabinets, and other clever storage solutions.

Split level kitchen wall removal

Embarking on a small split level kitchen remodel involves optimizing space through creative solutions and innovative ideas. Considerations such as vertical storage, multi-functional furniture, and strategic lighting play a crucial role in transforming the kitchen into an efficient and stylish space. Additionally, when tackling the split-level kitchen wall removal, careful attention to structural implications is essential. Consult a structural engineer, use online resources for guidance on identifying load-bearing walls, and redefine your home’s spatial dynamics for improved functionality and aesthetics. For added inspiration, explore Barndominium Kitchen Ideas to infuse unique elements into your remodel.

Split level kitchen dining room

The split-level kitchen dining room has the kitchen and dining room on different, slightly staggered levels in a split-level home. An open-concept split-level kitchen remodel enhances these spaces by removing walls and creating a more open, flowing layout. This approach visually and functionally connects the kitchen and dining room, making the home feel more spacious and inviting.

split level kitchen remodel with black cabinets

Bi-level kitchen island

A bi-level kitchen island is a versatile and stylish addition that enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality. With two distinct levels, it provides a practical workspace and a casual dining area. Consider incorporating features like built-in sinks or cooktops for added efficiency. This design not only optimizes space but also creates a dynamic hub within your kitchen, seamlessly blending style with utility.


A bi-level kitchen island isn’t just a visual enhancement; it’s a strategic addition to maximize functionality in your kitchen. With built-in sinks or cooktops, it streamlines your cooking workflow and offers ample storage, seamlessly combining style and practicality. Ensure sufficient space around the island for easy movement, creating an efficient and dynamic kitchen hub that caters to both form and function.


Small split-level kitchen remodel and living room

The split-level kitchen and living room integration is a design approach that seeks to seamlessly connect these two functional spaces in a split-level home. Achieving cohesion involves strategic design choices to open shelving, consistent flooring, and complementary color schemes. This transformation enhances both aesthetics and functionality, creating a unified and inviting atmosphere.

1970s Split-level kitchen remodel

Revitalizing a 1970s split-level kitchen involves preserving nostalgic charm while embracing modern design. This remodel journey navigates through distinctive cabinetry and layouts, blending retro elements with contemporary functionality. Online resources offer inspiration from successful 1970s split-level kitchen remodels, guiding homeowners to fuse past and present seamlessly. The goal is to create a kitchen that honors the era’s character while meeting the demands of modern living a curated fusion of nostalgia and functionality.

Remodeling process:

When remodeling a small split-level kitchen, consider the following ideas:

Removing walls can create an open kitchen, modernizing your home and improving flow. Without barriers, the interior feels more spacious and comfortable.

  • Instead of full-wall removal, choose half-walls. These maintain separation while preserving an open feel. Consider a bar-style opening as a transition between the kitchen and adjacent spaces.
  • Adding an island provides extra counter space and storage. It defines the cooking area without closing it off completely.
  • Install more windows to brighten up the kitchen and establish a visual connection with the outdoors.
  • Experiment with materials like exposed brick or reclaimed wood to add character and make your kitchen stand out.
  • Choose modern styles and colors for your cabinets to enhance the overall design.
  • Consider a floor-to-ceiling fireplace. It is a focal point and visually ties the kitchen and living room together.


The dimensions of a small split level kitchen remodel might vary, but typically, its dimensions are around 10 feet by 12 feet. The height is around 8 feet. These are just common measurements, and actual dimensions are different depending on the specific layout of the kitchen and the preferences of the designers and homeowner demands.


Embarking on a small split-level kitchen remodel journey, especially one designed in an atoll kitchen layout, is an exciting endeavor. Armed with insights into various related topics, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions. Remember, each home is a canvas, and your remodel is an expression of your unique style and needs. Consult professionals when needed, gather inspiration from online resources, and enjoy the process of transforming your living space.


How do you modernize a split level?

1- Change the exterior design to a crazy environment.
2- Update finishes with hardwood floors, porcelain tiles, and modern countertops.
3- Install lighting, including recessed and accent lights.
4- Upgrade kitchen and bathrooms with shower, separate bathtub, toilet, and sink for bathroom and kitchen islands and carts, microwaves, and ovens.
5- Enhance curb appeal with landscaping and fresh paint.
6- Install the smart home technology for convenience.
7- Improve energy efficiency with energy-star-rated refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and HVAC systems.
8- Create inviting outdoor spaces with decks.

What is the best kitchen layout for a small kitchen?

The best layouts for small kitchens are the galley, L-shaped, and one-wall designs. The galley layout features parallel counters for efficient space use. L-shaped layouts utilize two walls for flexibility in appliance placement.

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