Semi inground pool installation process

semi inground pool installation process

Our semi inground pool can be made above the ground, with partial on-ground and partial in-ground. Semi inground pool installation process is based on a few steps from the ground cleaning to the test process of sem inground pool. 

Most of the people installed more than half part of semi inground pool in the ground but our recommandation as a designer is that you have to make it 40 inches above the ground. By doing this water temperature will remain good and the pool will be cleaned easily.

Installation process:

1- Prepare the ground

First of all, I have to prepare the ground better and remove debris and useless things like the old roots of trees. Make the ground completely clean and make it beautiful so that there will be no roots and debris all over there.

I dig the small pit because it is based on a partial of its part on the ground and and second partial part is in the ground. 

Preparation of semi inground pool

2- Add a base layer:

After cleaning the ground you have to lay a base layer of sand. That is used to provide a smooth surface for the pool liner. The base layer is also supportive in the planning of the basement of semi inground pool.

Addition of a base layer in the semi inground pool
Source: MGK Pools Inc

The base layer helps protect the polar liner from punctures and abrasions from rocks and dust. A base layer consisting of 2-3 inches of sand under the sand protects the pool basement from abrasion from hundreds of rocks and debris in the soil.

3- Assemble the pool frame

Things have their structure so semi inground pool has a frame that assembles its presence and makes it strong. Its frame is based on the pool borderline, basement, wall panel, top rails, bottom rails, vertical rails, and hardware.

Assemble the pool frame
Source: Pinterest

We use the wall panels for the vertical structure of semi inground pool, and top rails are used for the top portion of semi inground pool, vertical and hardware are used to cover up the whole frame of the pool.

4- Backfill around the pool

Fill the border of the semi-ground pool with sand and soil because by doing that it will become stronger and compact. It increases its stability. 

Proper backfilling helps to anchor the pool securely in place, reducing the risk of movement due to water weight. Backfill is the most helpful process for the stability of semi inground pool.

Backfill around the pool
Source: Leisure Pools

5- Install pool plumbing and electrical

After completing the outer fillup you have to install the pool’s filtration system and pump. An electrical pump is the basic need of semi inground pool that is also used for cleansing water and making it clean.

All these things like pumps and filters and connected with the electrical wires with complete guidelines. I have described in this blog the complete guidelines for the electrical wiring that is the main part of the installation.

Cost: The normal range is $350 – $4,000. Electric installation for a semi-ground pool costs $1,000 on average. We also spend between $350 and $4,000.

6- Fill the pool with water

After getting the complete installation of the plumbing and electrical pump, you have to fill the pool with water for testing. If it is a leak then repair it fill it again and make sure that it installation is completed. 

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