Backyard semi inground pool ideas

Backyard semi inground pool ideas


A backyard semi inground pool is a type of pool that is partly above ground and partly below ground. To enhance it, you can build a wooden deck around the pool for easy access and add plants and flowers to create a natural, attractive look. Installing lights around the pool helps with visibility at night and adds beauty. And then, creating a lounge area with chairs and a table nearby offers a comfortable spot to relax.

For safety, a fence around the pool is essential, especially for children and pets. Adding water features like a small waterfall or fountain can make the pool more fun and visually appealing. These ideas improve both the enjoyment and appearance of your backyard semi-inground pool.

Small pools backyard ideas

Small pool backyard ideas are about making a little swimming area in a small outdoor space. These ideas usually involve creative designs and smart use of space to fit a pool into a compact backyard. People might use smaller pool designs like plunge pools or lap pools, or they might add features like fountains or decking to maximize the space.

The aim is to create a relaxing and enjoyable spot for swimming and lounging in a limited area.

Semi-inground swimming pool designs

Semi-ground pool designs offer us a great balance between aesthetics and affordability. They are also very affordable. These pools are submerged partially in the ground and seamlessly transition from our yard into the water. Explore different shapes, such as freeform, and oval, to create an outdoor look that is relaxing and conducive to summer fun.

Semi-inground swimming pool designs
Source: Aloha Pools and Spas

Semi inground pool landscaping ideas

For a semi-inground pool, landscaping can make a big difference in how your backyard looks and feels. Start by planting colorful flowers and shrubs around the pool to create a lively and inviting space. Use stones, pavers, or mulch to make clean and attractive borders. Adding some comfortable seating areas with chairs and umbrellas can provide a perfect spot to relax.

Installing a few outdoor lights to keep the area well-lit for evening swims. A small deck or patio can also enhance the overall look, making your pool area both functional and beautiful. Additionally, a backyard guest house can be a wonderful addition, providing extra space for visitors to stay and enjoy the poolside atmosphere, adding both convenience and charm to your outdoor oasis.

Semi-inground pool installation

We install a semi-round pool using the correct tools and instructions. Select a spot in our yard free from utility lines and other obstructions. Assemble the pool components according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We have your pool ready in no time.

Backyard semi inground pool ideas

Semi inground pool landscaping ideas

If you have a semi-inground pool, there are simple ways to make its surroundings look nice. First, you can plant some flowers or bushes around the pool. Choose plants that don’t need lots of water and can handle different weather. You can also put some stones around the pool area.

This adds a natural touch and helps prevent mud or dirt from getting in the pool. Another idea is to add some outdoor furniture like chairs and tables. This makes the pool area more comfortable and inviting. Lastly, you can install some lighting around the pool for nighttime. This not only makes it look pretty but also adds safety. These are some easy ways to make your semi-inground pool look great!

Semi inground pool cost

The cost of a semi inground pool depends on its size, shape, and material. It also depends on any extra features, such as decking. Semi-inground pools are a great way to get a luxurious swimming pool without spending a fortune. According to research, we have calculated that a semi inground pool with a wood deck cost is estimated to be around $7000 to $20000

Backyard pool renovation ideas

Backyard pool renovation is used to change your pool to improve its look or functionality. One idea is to add new tiles around the pool, which makes it look fresh and colorful. You also install pool lighting to enhance the appearance at night and increase safety. Adding water to a waterfall or fountain creates a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. Updating the pool deck with new wood modernizes the area.

Backyard pool renovation ideas
Source: sensational pools & spas

Installing plants and landscaping around the pool adds a natural and peaceful feel. Adding a hot tub next to the pool is great for relaxation. Using a pool cover can improve safety and keep the pool clean when not in use.

Updating pool furniture with new chairs, lounges, and umbrellas makes the area more comfortable for relaxing. Lastly, installing a heating system allows you to use the pool even when it’s cooler outside. Renovating your pool makes your backyard more enjoyable and increases your home’s value.

Pool design for small backyard

A clever pool design transforms our small backyard into an oasis. We install a slimline pool around the perimeter of our yard to maximize space for other activities. We maximize your space using clever design elements like a built-in spa or swim-up bar. Place lighting and mirrors strategically to create a relaxing, entertaining atmosphere.

Semi-inground pool kits

Installing a semi-inround pool is convenient and easy. Semi-inground kits include everything you need for a successful installation. These packages include all the necessary pool hardware and components and easy-to-follow instructions. Semi-inground pool kits are a great way to create our backyard oasis, whether we’re a DIY expert.

Backyard pool privacy ideas

These top tips for creating privacy for backyard pool enhance the tranquility and serenity of our backyard oasis. We create a private environment and protect our pool with privacy screens, trellises, or tall hedges. For more flexibility, add outdoor curtains around our pool. We control the privacy and amount of light. Relax and recharge with comfortable seating, lush landscaping, and a calm atmosphere.

Semi-inground pool installation

  1. Clear the chosen area of grass, rocks, roots, and any other debris. You may need to use a sod cutter or shovel to remove grass and level the ground.
  2. Dig a hole that is the correct depth and width for your semi-inground pool. The depth will depend on how much of the pool you want to be inground versus above ground.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the pool. This usually involves connecting walls using bolts, and screws.
  4. Place the pool liner inside the pool structure. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds to make it fit snugly against the walls and floor. The liner creates a watertight barrier to hold the water inside the pool.
  5. Once the liner is in place, fill the space around the outside of the pool with dirt. Backfilling helps to support the pool walls and keeps them stable. Compact the backfill as you go to prevent shifting or settling.
  6. Begin filling the pool with water. As the water level rises, periodically check for any leaks or issues with the liner. The weight of the water will help to further settle the pool into place and press the liner against the walls.
  7. Install the pool’s pump and filter system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These components are essential for keeping the water clean and circulating properly. Connect the hoses to the skimmer and return outlets, and ensure everything is securely attached.
  8. Complete the installation by adding decking, steps, or landscaping around the pool. This includes composite decking, pavers, or even plants and garden features. Finishing touches make the pool area more attractive and functional.

Pictures of semi inground pools


A backyard semi inground pool is partly above ground and partly below ground, offering a balance between aesthetics and affordability. Enhancing it with a wooden deck, plants, lighting, and water elements can make it more attractive and enjoyable. For a small backyard, plunge pools and lap pools maximize space.

Semi-inground pool kits simplify installation with all necessary components and instructions included. Adding privacy screens, outdoor curtains, and lush landscaping creates a serene oasis. Ultimately, these ideas can transform your backyard pool area into a beautiful and functional retreat.

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